Events at PRF Dance & Cultural Center

Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center Upcoming Events & Workshops

Los Reyes Magos Celebran Octavitas 

BRING YOUR FAVORITE BOMBA (improvised poem) to the last Parranda in Central Texas! Los Reyes Magos Celebran Octavitas (Jan 24, 2016, 2-5pm)

Are you a good dancer, singer, or musician in the shower? Join us “onstage” for exciting community performances!

 !! New !! UNLIMITED CLASSES for one low price !! Dance, percussion, choir, music ensemble, & Coqui preschool

Here are the classes to choose from:


 Free Workshop. The Caregiving Café 

Aa family caregiver support group — is hosting my special workshop “When Nature Sings — for the Caregiver”, February 4, 2016. We welcome all who would benefit from this program.

Did you know that anyone who helps others overcome physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual problems is a healer? Everyone from licensed professionals to family caregivers will be called to this role at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, people who devote much of their energy to serving others often begin to feel worn down by a growing sense of mental and physical exhaustion, compassion fatigue or burnout.

 A powerful way for caregivers to renew themselves is to develop a closer connection with nature. Indigenous cultures, such as the Taino natives of Puerto Rico, know that nature communicates in many ways. By learning to perceive this calming source of wisdom, caregivers can revitalize their spirit.

 This interactive workshop combines inspirational anecdotes based in Taino spirituality, original photography and live Taino flute music to expose the timeless wisdom that nature transmits through the world around us. Uplifting participation in music-making, simple native dances and role-playing reveals insights, encourages meaningful discussion and teaches practices that can be used to refresh your spirit on a regular basis.

 This workshop was made possible by a grant from the PYM Indian Committee. For more information on When Nature Sings workshops:


Email:, Phone: (512) 251-8122

 Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center

Center Location: 701 Tillery Street, Austin TX 78702

Mailing Address: 15228 Quiet Pond Court, Austin TX 78728




Phone:    (512) 251-8122



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