ESB-MACC is soliciting Historical Photos

event_maccphotosThe ESB-MACC is currently soliciting historical photographs and other memorabilia for an exhibit that will be on display in the Community Gallery from June 4, to August 27, 2016. The photographs will depict the lives and stories of local Mexican Americans who worked as migrant farmworkers during the 1940s to 1960s. Photographs will be scanned for exhibit use and originals will be returned to the owner. All other material relevant to the exhibit will be on loan to the ESB-MACC and returned at the end of exhibition.

In the early to mid-20th century, hundreds of Mexican Americans from the Austin area would take to the roads to work as seasonal migrant farmworkers in small family-owned farms or large farming corporations throughout the United States. These individuals would work in fields or orchards harvesting crops that could only be done by hand and required hard physical labor. The routes that the farmworkers would travel often depended on the type of work that they were seeking. Many traveled with family, friends, by themselves or labor contractors never knowing if they would make it to their destinations and if the crops would be bountiful. Living conditions were at times minimal. Some would live in labor camps, housing provided by their employers, small rental rooms, or in chicken coops and often invisible to the residents of the towns where they worked.

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