Aztlan Dance Company presents ITZAPAPOTL


Event Date: June 4th – 7th | @ Santa Cruz Theater

The AZTLAN Dance Company cordially invites you to our new and original epic dance performance of ITZAPAPALOTL: Obsidian Butterfly that runs one weekend only from June 4-7th at the Santa Cruz Theater.

“ITZPAPALOTL: Obsidian Butterfly” shares the life story of Ixchel, a young girl wondering about what life has in store and what she will grow up to be like. Mesmerized by the mystery of the moon and star’s everlasting glow, Ixchel is visited by the ancient and divine Itzpapalotl night-spirit who seizes the opportunity to whisper the secrets of earthly mestiza life.
Please join us as AZTLAN once again dances our unique signature brand of Austin-styled contemporary/expressive Xicano/Latino dance.

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