10854443_748373755236972_901600275902670794_oThis company was created to empower the programs that serve our youth and make their dreams into a reality.

We are proud and grateful for this opportunity to honor Hispanic Heritage in celebrating history, culture, and community with intention to preserve these traditions throughout generations.  These events, including remembering Dia De Las Madre’s (Mothers Day in Mexico) allow us to continue to increase positive family and unite community involvement.
Hays Fiesta believes that bringing people together through celebration fosters a happy and thriving community.  Fiesta for ALL!
Proceeds from our events benefit: Hays Fiesta, Hays Mariachi Scholarships and other community programs.
My name is Sylvia Gallo, and I am the founder and President of Hays Fiesta.
I was inspired by the impact that the Mariachi program had on the students and I knew I needed to be apart of it.  In 2010 my son joined that Mariachi program and I witnessed the tremendous benefits and realized that this is an opportunity that all kids who seek it- deserve!

See more event information by visiting: http://www.haysfiesta.com/-event-schedule.html


Event Schedule

Saturday May 2nd, 2015

7:00 AM


 8:45 AM Vendor and Booth Set Up


9:00 AM


 Park Opens


9:30 AM –

Posting of Flags Lehman ROTC National Anthem (Jessie Marie)


10:00 AM- Welcome Ceremony, Mayor Speaks


10:30 AM- Simon Middle School Mariachi Groups


11:55 AM- Announcement Break, or Folkloric 1


12:15 PM- Wallace Middle School Mariachi Groups

12:35 PM- Peluchito Show / Recognition of Mothers day in Mexico (by Consulado de Mexico)

1:00 PM- Chapa Middle School Mariachi 1:30 PM-

De LA PAZ Folklorico



The Mended from Lockhart Tx

1:55 PM- Announcement Peluchito Show

2:05 PM- Lehman High School Mariachi groups (70 minutes total)

Announcements while groups are switching

2:30 PM- Announcement, DJ Playing, Devin Benda

3:15 PM -DJ Playing, Devin Benda

3:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Selena Tribute

2013 Tejano music awards nominee Angel Gonzalez y Vimana


 4:35 PM Announcements, Thanking Our Sponsors,Mexican Consulate Awards

4:40 PM

 5:30 PM Jessie Marie

5:35 PM

 5:55 PM Announcement, De la paz Folklorico

6:00 PM

 7:15 PM

Mariano Perez

7:20 PM – Grupo Respeto

If any questions please contact us at  haysfiesta@gmail.com or via phone at 512-262-731


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