30th Annual Gala del Museo Arte y Amor by Mexic-Arte

unnamedThe 30th Annual Gala del Museo Arte y Glamour Presented by Mexic–Arte Museum

Join us as we celebrate Mexic–Arte Museum’s 30th Anniversary! Gala del Museo is an elegant fundraising event that reminisces the past and recognizes our present accomplishments in visual art and culture. This year the Museum will recognize outstanding contributions in the arts by honoring individuals who have made significant contributions to the visual arts and culture. The event benefits Mexic–Arte Museum’s exhibition and education programs.

Dr. Guadalupe Rivera Marin to Attend Gala del Museo 2014

Great News! Dr. Guadalupe Rivera Marin will be our Guest of Honor at Mexic-Arte Museum’s Gala del Museo and 30th Anniversary Celebration on September 27, 2014 at the Four Seasons. Dr. Rivera Marin is a cultural leader, visionary and supporter of art and museums. She participated in the early years of Mexic-Arte Museum with exhibitions such as Diego Rivera and the Revolution, Mexico in Times of Change, and the book signing and dinner featuring Frida’s Fiesta and programs. Over the years, she has greatly contributed to the Museum.

Guadalupe Rivera Marín is the daughter of the great painter Diego Rivera and the writer Guadalupe Marín. She has played a major role in the social, political and cultural landscape of Mexico; her career is distinguished by her work as a lawyer, ambassador, legislator, as well as accomplished writer. After earning a Law Degree, Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and a Doctorate in History of Colonial Law from the National University of Mexico, Guadalupe Rivera Marín began her professional career as a lawyer and politician. Eventually, she was appointed Executive Member of the National Institute of Historical Studies of the Mexican Revolution. She has also been a Federal Representative for the Mexican Congress, as well as Senator for the State of Guanajuato

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